Track of the Day #3: Teflon Sega – ‘Sinner’

This Track of the Day thing is about as daily as my gym attendance. Anyway, let’s hope for another streak from here onwards! 

Today’s track of the the day opens with soft keys and rasping synths before the song breaks into its slow, booming beats. Above this the vocals are low and matter of fact ‘hold me like a sinner/I’ll fuck you like a saint’. The range of the vocals here is impressive, going from bossy lows to vulnerable falsetto in the same verse. The hook is simple, with ‘just another high’ being bleated over a break in the beat which dominates the verse. 

Track of the Day#2: NEIKED – ‘Sexual’

So this track of the day thing hasn’t been very daily thus far. The last few days have been hectic with me moving back home for the summer. Therefore, I thought I’d pick an accessible TotD #2.

‘Sexual’ produced by Neiked offers crisp production, a muted bassline which pushes along with a youthful ease. The bassline is accompanied by . This song feels like a hip ode to an urban summer. The vocals are clear yet genuine and the vocals are simple but they are not lacking. Perfect for the summer playlist.

Track Of The Day #1: The Fantastic Negrito – ‘Hump Thru The Winter’

My first Track Of The Day is the Fantastic Negrito’s ‘Hump Thru The Winter’. ¬†Xavier Dphrepaulezz was a major label R’n’B in the 90’s, nowadays he makes Blues Rock under the Fantastic Negrito moniker.

‘Hump Thru the Winter’ a great Blues Rock stomper, opening with Dphrepaulezz’s rasping about struggling to pay the bills. In the verses Dphrepaulezz speaks of his struggles as a black musician. Yet in the chorus he talks about working a ‘little stronger, a little harder’. The relentless stomp of the percussion gives the song an attitude which is not often present in popular mainstream Blues Rock. This feels fresh and exciting, I am looking forward to hearing more from the Fantastic Negrito.