TOTD #10: Mallrat – ‘Tokyo Drift’

Mallrat’s ‘Tokyo Drift’ opens with a loud, chiming guitar riff. This is then supported by a poppy riff. Mallrat’s vocal delivery is reminiscent of her Oceanic contemporary Lorde. However, the song’s hip hoppy beat gives Mallrt an extra edge. The distorted middle eight and the inclusion of the broken beat in final chorus shows us that Mallrat isn’t just any run of the mill pop, and at only 17 she has plenty of time to make her mark on the scene. 

TOTD #9: Project Pablo – ‘Enough [First Floor Premiere]’

Project Pablo’s ‘Enough’ is summery house at it’s finest. This song is light and fresh, it’s almost as  though you can see colours bouncing off the xylophonic synths. All of this is presented on a backdrop of spacey synths. Upbeat enough to dance to but chilled enough to get you by on a lazy summer day, as this bank holiday should be (or if you’re like me and really anti-social and every day is a lazy day for you).

TOTD #8: The Dorsal Fins – ‘Sedated’

The airy opening synths punctuated by a pattern of modular bleeps open the track before giving way to light, surfy guitars-  a 90s guitar pop revival-revival. The familiar washed out, whiny Californian vocals that are part and parcel of ever  surf punk song ever are also present on this track. Whilst this song may feel derivative at times, the vocals leap around the simple yet charming beat, giving the song an individuality that most of the genre fails to achieve. Although this song isn’t going to change the world, it’s perfect for ‘doo doo’-ing along to on a sweltering day such as this.


Track of the Day #6: j^p^n – [spoils]

This track is cool. There’s no doubt about it. The jangling synths over the broken beats are a sound that we’re all too familiar with in this modern age. But this is  cut with a flute riff that makes the song even more hip hop sounding. The song morphs once again with the inclusion of the horns, whilst the sounds slide into one another the broken beat forces the listener to pay attention to everything that is going on in the song. The hip hop vibes are further disrupted by the interludes within the song; the first concentrates on the beat, the second adopts a string sound which dominates the middle third of the track, and the third showcases delicate keys which are encased by a ghostly chant. Solid beat.