TOTD #14: CLAVVS – ‘Serpentine’

CLAVVS’ ‘Serpentine’ is a striking pop track, Amber Renee’s layered vocals chime out of the silence before the  rattling beat kicks in. The beat is the work of Graham Marsh, four-time Grammy winning producer and the other half of this duo. Whilst the beat is faultless, Renee’s vocals are the focal point of the track. The layered vocals create the effect of an internal struggle which is also reflected in the lyrics ‘I’m tired/of trying to fight ya’.


TOTD #13: TOY – ‘I’m Still Believing’

It had been a while since I last heard anything from …TOY…  but as soon as I saw the name I was taken back to my mid-teenage years. Whilst the sound hasn’t developed a huge amount in the three years since Join the Dots, the lead single from their latest offering is still as strong track. The simplistic lyrics ‘She goes/I stay/And everything’s OK’ and the winding guitar riff which drives the song sound like a late 80s guitar pop throwback, and the lazily sighed vocal delivery has the dreaminess of The Stone Roses at their peak.

TOTD #12: Nots – ‘No Novelty’

I have been looking forward to writing about a track like Nots’ ‘No Novelty’ a while. The no  nonsense grrrl power snarl of the vocals have a charm which is missing from what’s left of guitar music. The guitars are simple, aggressive and punky to the core. However, as the title suggests, this song is no novelty. In fact, the bubbling effects give the song a quirky, modern  depth. If ‘No Novelty’ is anything to go by, Nots’ new LP ‘Cosmetic’ will be a gem.