TOTD #19: Tyler Coolidge ‘Soft Spot’

I love this jazzy beat, it’s just so cool. And what’s even cooler is Tyler Coolidge’s flow chilling as a creamy guitar just noodles about. It’s an encapsulation late night, hazy ambition. Coolidge’s bars don’t profess any luxury, talk of SpongeBob and rip off Starburst are symbols of a past that he can’t let go of, he doesn’t want to. The pained memories of a past relationship haunt Coolidge’s bars and add a nostalgic undercurrent to the song.

TOTD #18: Litche ‘Will You’

After one of the most memorable days of 2016 I’ve decided to go for a chilled track so you can escape the chaos, if only for two minutes or so. Sorry this TOTD is so late in the day, WordPress has been playing up, too many people lamenting or celebrating (I dread to see the strain on tumblr’s servers right now).

The high pitched vocals come in over cut up, broken beats before the song drops, introducing probing bass and sampling the vocal back onto itself. This song is fairly straightforward with the lyrics ‘will you take me alive?’  providing a mantra which is  disassembled and reassembled, resulting in this chilled out Frankenstein’s monster of a track.

TOTD #17: Kingsbury ‘Easy’

The dreamy, indie pop feel of Kingsbury’s ‘Easy’ gives the song a laidback feeling. Caroline Kingsbury’s voice warbles over  shimmering synths which build into a crescendo of clashing drums as the chorus kicks  in. The track is given further texture by the washed out guitar which gives the track an almost vaporewave-esqe aesthetic. Exciting debut, I look forward to hearing more.

TOTD #16: Vic Mensa – ’16 Shots’

As you can tell, I’ve had a bit of break from posting recently. This is because I’ve been a bit swamped with work, but fear not for I have returned.

This song has really been my track of the week, I’ve just  been thinking about how I would write about it. I’m not going to review the song, not the beat, the flow, the lyrics. I think that it’s important that everyone watches this video.

Music has been an vehicle for social change since the slave spirituals, and whilst the beat may change the soul behind the music never will.