Surround the Sound Advent Calender #1: Bing Crosby ‘White Christmas’

I love Christmas, a lot more than the next man. One thing I love about Christmas which everyone else seems to hate is Christmas music (and that’s after spending my Christmas holidays working at a Christmas fair for 13hrs a day). Therefore, I’ve decided that Surround the Sound could do with a bit of Christmas cheer. Each day I’ll tell you about a Christmas song that I love and that you almost certainly love too, so join me for a spin of some the classics.

Running with the theme of classics, Day #1’s pick of Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’. The song which debuted on the Kraft Music Hall radio show on Christmas Day 1941 is one of the most iconic Christmas songs of all time. I particularly love this song because whilst it is celebrating the most joyful time of year, there’s a tinge of nostalgic melancholy in Crosby’s voice and Berlin’s lyrics. A timeless classic.

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