TOTD #25: Kendrick Lamar – ‘HUMBLE.’

C’mon, it wasn’t going to be any other track was it? I know it came out on Thursday night in the USA but it was Friday morning here so it’s this Friday’s track of the day. This isn’t the most complex Kendrick track, the beat it skeletal, the hook is sparse, but it’s just enough to give us a Kendrick fix until April 7th when his album drops. This track doesn’t have the politicism of To Pimp A Butterfly or the overt hard hitting disses of the Heart Pt. IV, instead the track shows a master at play and everyone else is just catching up.

TOTD #24: Guru Ant – Title Theme

Yes, this track is exactly what you think it is- PaRappa the Rapper mashed up with Animal Crossing’s title theme. Guru Ant’s Soundcloud is full of PaRappa the Rapper mash ups. I’m not complaining, nor am I telling you that this is revolutionary, or even good, but I do want to bring this to your attention because it’s weird as hell.

TOTD #23: Xelaruus – Runnin’

Check out this jangly, jangly track. Seriously, do it. It’s pretty fun and jangly guitars aren’t the only thing that’s good about it. I guess you want me to talk about what else is good about it? Fine, I’m getting back into all of this so give me a break.  Xela’s voice has a folky quality which is able to hold a tune, two qualities which often appear to be mutually exclusive. Whilst the shift from verse to chorus can feel slightly jarring, it provides a variety which sets the song apart from so many in the genre.