New Arctic Monkeys Album – ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ Release Date

Arctic Monkeys are back. It’s official.

There were rumblings of a new album being recorded in 2017 with pictures of the band in Sheffield but now it’s official. Arctic Monkeys are officially back.

On 11 May Arctic Monkeys will be back with their sixth studio album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It’s been five years since my Arctic Monkeys hype machine has been revved up but my propeller is definitely turning for this album. Judging by the colourful track names (‘The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip’) the band are embracing their reputation the surreal imagery that was key on The Last Shadow Puppets’ Everything You’ve Come to Expect.

Fatherhood, relocation, and maturation have changed Arctic Monkeys’ over the last five years but it will be interesting to see whether they are able to win back the fans disillusioned by the Americanness (it’s a word now) of AM and entertain their wider international fanbase.

Arctic Monkeys are the Doctor Who of British music, regenerating and reinventing themselves with every release and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this time.

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