Kanye West – ‘Lift Yourself’ Track of the Day #35

I had to talk about Kanye at some point. I’ve chosen to make this track today’s track of the day because it’s the most sense that Kanye has spoken in the last month and through all of the idiotic things Kanye has been saying this track really shows how he’s got everyone wrapped around his finger.

The beat of this track is bound to interest any Kanye fan, the strong, soulful sample, which then turns with some siren synths and a solid bass drum which then all merge together – Kanye is taking us on a mini tour of his discography. But the main attraction is the one verse of the track. If the tweet proceeding the release of this track, Kanye hypes up the track and he doubles down on it again just before the verse begins where he boasts ‘this next verse…these bars, watch this’. The following verse is complete nonsense, playing on three words – ‘scoop’, ‘whoop’, and most importantly, ‘poop’.

It’s clear Kanye is making fun of the excitement his fans felt after he announced the track and his album but instead of the track coming off as a charming joke, it lands more like a malicious dig at his fans for respecting him as a musician. A diehard Kanye fan would say that this whole stunt and his subsequent tweets are encouraging people to consider the way we look at famous figures in the 21st Century. How long will this human experimentation be tolerated? For many Kanye’s comments on slavery are the straw that broke the camel’s back but judging by the way the internet explodes every time Kanye tweets (and I acknowledge this post’s role in perpetuating this), he has a lot more leeway when it comes to toying with the public.

So who is Kanye really? Is he an icon who is willing to sacrifice his reputation to force people to consider the way he looks at fame? Is he a selfish moron who says whatever comes to his mind without thinking of the consequences? Is he a selfish genius who truly embodies the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ mantra? Is he someone who is dehabilitated by his mental health who we force into the public eye as a figure of near universal hate?

Everyone has a different opinion on who Kanye is, but one thing is for sure, everyone is on the edge of their seats to see what he comes out with next.

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