A Bitter Pill, the Death of XXXTENTACION

Today, 20 year old rapper XXXTENTACION (Jahseh Onfroy) was murdered in Miami.

The reaction to his death epitomises the internet age we live in. From the videos that broke the story earlier in the day which showed a small crowd of people standing around and not doing much other than filming XXXTENTACION’s dead body to the reactions to his death on Twitter which have included fake news about his last words encouraging people to buy Beyonce’s new album.

But surely this is to be expected, X is the iconic figure of the SoundCloud era of rappers and his whole existence has been based around his online presence through which he spearheaded a counter-culture which spoke to troubled young people around the world.

At the same time, X was a disgusting person who assualted women and gay men, accusations which his fanbase rabidly defend.

X was never a role model or a particularly skilled musician. However, his success has changed the landscape of hip hop forever. And that’s how I will view him, a blot on the long story of hip hop, like his emergence on the scene, his death will be a catalyst for musical change.

Personally, I will remember him for the awful crimes he has committed, crimes that he will never be able to repent for. But I can’t deny the effect he has had on so many people around the world, especially those suffering from depression, and my thoughts go to them now.

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