Track of the Day #35: Karl – ‘Sunshine Smile’

‘Sunshine Smile’ was released at the wrong time of the year. Ideally, I’d be on a beach listening to this track but I’m not, it’s Sunday and the impending thought of the work week ahead means that Karl’s lazily droned ‘everything is gonna be alright’ doesn’t quite ring true in my ears. The hazy guitars and the vocals will force you to relax in the most laid back way possible.

Track of the Day #34: Shilpa Ray ‘New York Minute Prayer’

This track is the opener for Shilpa Ray’s new album Door Girl. ‘New York Minute Prayer’ evokes the same charm of Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’. That’s the biggest compliment I could give an NYC themed track. The lilting keys of ‘New York Minute Prayer’ give the track a dreamy tone and Ray’s rich, jazzy voice portrays the wonder of a big city and the youthful enthusiasm of the singer. Sinatra sings ‘I’m leaving today’ but Shilpa is already there ‘I’m here, I’m here’ Door Girl is here, be sure to check it out.


Throwback Thursday Track #1: The Avalanches ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’

The Avalanches stormed back onto the scene last year with Wildflower, their first effort in sixteen years. ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ is one of the standout tracks on the Avalanches’ 1999 debut release Since I Left You. Wayne and Shuster’s 1959 comedy ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ is transformed by the haunting choral chants of the Enoch Light Singers which ironically give the song a contemporary feel. This track is made of layers upon layers of samples which are all interwoven to create a track which you can’t help but get lost in.

Track of the Day #33: Peter Bibby -‘Medicine’

The intro to this song reminds me of one of my many failed attempts to pluck out a song. Fortunately, Peter Bibby is a lot more successful at producing a great finished product. The plucky intro builds into a thick rocky riff. On top of this Bibby bemoans his medical ailments. However, the track builds up to a cheery chorus about going to hospital begging for prescription drugs. A cheery ode to abusing the NHS (I know he’s Australian, give me a break).

Track of the Day #32: Justin Ramsey ‘Circus’

It’s the end of the night – or maybe the beginning of the morning and for some reason you’re still awake. Everyone around you has passed out, but you’re there lying on the floor, head propped up against the sofa, the speakers out of reach. This is when Justin Ramsey’s ‘Circus’ will appear in your life, the beat feels familiar but just when you think the track is about to drop it builds you up even further and when the spacey synths kick in it’ll have you fumbling for Shazam.


Track of the Day #31: Kendrick Lamar – ‘LOYALTY.’

I suppose as I covered the ELEMENT. video, I may as well cover LOYALTY. too. Many fans consider Kendrick’s LOYALTY. to be one of DAMN.‘s weaker tracks. However, I’ve always found this track to be a welcome relief from heavier tracks on DAMN. In many ways the video for this track is relief from the other, metaphor heavy videos which have accompanied ‘ELEMENT.’ and ‘DNA.’ Rihanna’s inclusion on this track and the allusions to Skyscraper Girl make the video feel more accessible.n This hit will hang around for a while.

Track of the Day #30: Kendrick Lamar – ‘ELEMENT.’

This is one of the best tracks from an album that will be near the top of every Album of the Year list come December. This song is all about the James Blake produced beat, the piano hook switches the beat away from the steady and determined flow of the verses. This chilled piano hook contrasts the violent, erotic imagery of the lyrics, creating one of the most interesting moments on DAMN.